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» How to Design or Build a Prom Dress or Wedding Dress ?——-Color Quiz

 How to Design or Build a Prom Dress or Wedding Dress?——–Color Quiz



Prom Night is one of the most important and impressive of a girl's high school career, Every girl will dress up and choose her favorite prom dress to become prom queen, But When you look for various dress shops, you like this mermaid, you like another v-neck, and you like his lace. However they are different dress, you want to design custom dress or build a prom dress.


How To Build a Prom Dresses?

First thing, Ask yourself which color do you like? We recommend you a very good way to choose the color of the tulle ball gown.

 1-1.jpg 1-2.jpg

This is a blush pink sweet 16 dress with lace we are making.It's very fairy princess dress.

Very fairy, you fall in love it.

How did we design this prom dress?

There are 6 layers soft tulle of this dress, but they are different, there are 4 colors.


The outermost layer is light pink, and then there are two layers of dusty blush pink, one layer of champagne, and the last two layers of light dusty pink.

Why should we choose the grey blush tulle ?


Grey yellow looks dusty, But the middle yellow is more pure,so we use dusty blush pink to increase the purity of the color. The gray blush color will make the blush color more pure. If you are 6 layers pure pink, add one dusty pink layer the color will be more pure and more pink.The final effect is so great.

How do you choose the color when you design a dress?


This is the hue circle, including similar colors. If you want pink, don't just choose pink, but use half A and B. If you want a little champagne, add a little more champagne.

The final color is very hazy, and there are unique color, it is even better under the light !

I believe you will fall in love with him!

If you want custom dress, We will provide you with the best service

Post time: 01-07-2021


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