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» How to Preserve Your Wedding Dresses ?———–Follow those ways

 How to Preserve Wedding Dresses

After The important day is over, many brides will be very stressed especially when facing the preservation of wedding gowns. Some donate or sell their gown. However, wedding dress represents so much sense, blessing, and memories of love, many brides want to hang on this valuable dresses. Don't worry, we will show you all the ways to save your wedding dress.


How to Preserve Wedding Dresses ?

1. Professional Clean Wedding Gowns

The first step is also the most important step. Professional cleaning
Try to send the wedding dress to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning within 1~2 months. Of course, the sooner you clean it, the better. The waiting time is very long, and many stains can no longer be cleaned, which is very bad for preserving the wedding dress.

2. Hang in dark

After the wedding dress has been cleaned, avoid direct sunlight and dry it in a cool place for 1 to 2 days.

3.Sealed storage

Sealed storage, we recommend the wedding dress in a closed box, and then empty the oxygen, and use nitrogen instead, oxygen will make the fabric color, oxidation, at the same time, you can put some desiccant, not wrapped in the wedding dress, it is best to put it in the corner of the box, it can absorb the moisture in the air. Better to prevent the wedding dress moldy.

Matters needing attention

Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight, which will damage the fabric and make the fabric fade and turn yellow. Don't hang it on a hanger. Wedding dresses are usually very heavy. Hanging will cause the wedding dress to be deformed. It is recommended that you stack up and store the wedding dress. Use acid-free plastic garment bags

Check wedding gown every two or three years, hang the wedding dress for one week to eliminate the wrinkles on the wedding dress, and then refold it to further ensure that there are no permanent creases.


How to sell wedding dresses?

When the wedding is over and you want to sell your wedding dress, we recommend that you first follow our method of saving the wedding dress, and save the wedding dress well in order to sell your wedding dress.
There are many second-hand trading platforms that you can search on Google. We recommend two simple websites, but there is no guarantee that you can sell them.



You can also look for some facebook groups. Some groups are very active. You can also post your posts to find opportunities to sell wedding dresses.

How to donate wedding dresses?

“A wedding gown represents far more than just a dress. It is also the embodiment of a dream,” said Vera Wang.

For many brides, wedding dresses are the most important thing. They even dream of their wedding dresses from the age of 5. However sometimes they can’t easily get the wedding dresses they want. Why not help them?

Donate your dress to any of these nationwide organizations, and they'll put it to great use:

  • Adorned in Grace: Resells donated gowns and accessories, with all proceeds used towards preventing sex trafficking and helping sex trafficking victims.

  • Forever Angels of Virginia: Turns donated wedding dresses into free infant gowns for babies who have passed away in the NICU.

  • Brides Across America: Provides gowns for military and first responder brides that are burdened by financial hardships like deployments.

  • Brides Against Breast Cancer: Donated wedding dresses are made affordable for others, while helping fund breast cancer causes.

  • Brides for a Cause: Sells donated dresses to raise funds for various women-focused charities.

And of course, you can always donate your wedding dress to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

You already said "I Do." Now you can proudly declare, "I Donate!"


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