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» What’s the most important thing to buy a dress online ?———- How to Measure Your Body ( First )

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  2.  What's the most important thing to buy a dress online ?——— How to Measure Your Body ( First )

  3.      What we need to know is dresses are tighter, clothes are looser, So you need to measure more accurate : )

  4.       When Prom Day or Wedding Day comes slowly, you're going to buy dresses. But there's no dress store nearby, or they're so expensive, you really need a beautiful dress and afford dress. so you must look for dress in the online store.

  5.       Let’s face it, No one want to open the package happily. only to find out that it doesn’t fit. Not only is it disappointing but it’s extremely frustrating.

  6.       So when you decide to buy Skirts online, you need to do the most important job first, measuring your size.

  7. Get Ready to Measure:

  8.  Step 1: Wear the normal undergarments you usually would, and then a thin layer of form-fitting clothing (such as a tank top and bike shorts or yoga pants). This way you can get accurate measurements without too much added bulk from regular clothes.

  9.  Step 2: Get a notebook and pen so you can write down all of your measurements as soon as you take them. Record your measurements to the nearest 1/4 inch!

  10.  Step 3: Get a helper! Some of these measurements you might be able to do for yourself, but not all of them will work out single-handed. You’ll need a measuring partner to get the most accurate results, so enlist the help of a sewing friend (you can help each other!), a spouse, or someone else who’s handy with a tape measure.

  11.  Now, you’re ready!

  12.  The most important Measure is :

  13. 1BustFull Bust

  14.       Measure the circumference of your body around the fullest part of your bust, taking care to keep the tape measure close to your body but not pulled too tightly.

  15.  2Wasit

  16.       Measure the circumference of your body at the narrowest part of your waist.

  17.       Or Measure the cricumference around the navel up 2cm.(this will be best fit)

  18.  3HipIf you need bodycon dress it is important

  19.       Measure the circumference of your body around the widest part of your hips/backside.

  20.  4Height without Shoes

  21.       Stand straight, with your shoulders back, and measure your height from the top of your head down to the floor.

  22.  5Shoulder Neck Point to NippleIf your dress is Halter, It is very important

  23.       Measure down the front of your body, starting at the point where your neck meets your shoulder, and stop at the Nipple

  24.  6Arm width

  25.       Measure the circumference of your upper arm at the widest point.

  26.  7Shoulder width

  27.       Measure from the point where your neck meets your shoulder to the farthest point of your shoulder where it begins to curve down to your arm.


  29. arm width.jpg


  31. If you don't feel comfortable measuring your own size, you can go to a tailor's shop and ask them to help you measure it.

  32. Get your measure, buy a fit dress will be very easy !

  33. If you have any questions, please contact us and welcome to Dressmeet family.

  34. We look forward to making dresses for you.

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